Safety Guidelines for Home Pools 

Every year, there are thousands of children who die because of pool accidents, even inside the residential property. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are 300 children under five years old that drown in swimming pools in America alone. This is the very reason why safety and guidelines for home pools are being done by home inspectors Clarksville TN, and every home inspector in different states.  



The following are the casualties as well as some basics about swimming pools in relation to accidents and deaths: 


  • 75% of the children who drown in swimming pools are kids under five years old, in between to three years.  
  • Most of the accidents happen under the presence of a supervising adult 
  • 23% of the accident victims were seen on the patio, porch, or yard, and this means that the children or victims were not supposed to be in the pool in the first place. 
  • Boys aging from one to three years are the most likely victim of drownings and pool accidents in residential swimming pools.  
  • Less than 2% of the accidents were the result of the children trespassing on different property where they do not live; and most accidents are related to children in their own house. 


The following are the safety protocols to avoid unnecessary loss of life: 


Being Quick and Adept is Crucial – by the time that the child’s absence is noted, the adult needs to consider looking at the pool and seeing drowning as one of the possibilities of the absence. Children are naturally impulsive and inquisitive, and swimming pools are very dangerous for children even adults. You also need to know that drowning is a silent death so you need to be extra cautious. 


Follow Swimming Pool Guidelines – there are children that are able to get over a pool barrier if the barrier you put is too low. The guidelines provide a recommendation that you need to have a pool barrier that has at least 48 inches above grade. There are also things you can do such as eliminating footholds and handholds, as well as minimizing opening size. The swimming pool definition also includes hot tubs and spas, and this means that the guidelines apply to different structures and not just in swimming pools.  


Install a Gate – there are two gates you can install on your property; one for the main entrance and the other one is for your pool. A swimming pool barrier is able to restrict anyone, especially the kids, to have access to the house pool, and is equipped with a lock mechanism that makes it hard to open. There are also pools that have a self-locking mechanism.  


Ensure a wall – there are many cases where the pool is directly connected to the patio area at home, and this is where the wall of the home that serves as the division plays a crucial part in securing your kids. All doors that have access to swimming pools need to be big and locked all the time.  



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